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March 28, 2016


2 dead, venomous snakes found in package at post office

(Thanks to Rick Day)

Related: Cat sent by mail survives 8 days in box

(Thanks to funny man and Le Petomane)


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I always buy my snakes at 'Snakes R Us', because the postal service is so slow. (Actually I never buy snakes.
You can find em for free in Florida!)

If only in spirit, Sally Field appeared in Christ of Beaver County.

Definitely ask for a refund.

Do you think the snakes were sent with an RSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSVP ?

Kitty has 9 lives. Snakes but one. You do the math (and please not the meth!).

Am I the only person who read this as "two dead; venomous snakes found..."? Major comma error offense.

I had the same idea when I read Digger.

And the damn cat came back.

Postal Standards are looser in London? Here, kitty kitty, gonna start my cats by mail business....

Funny man, when mailing a cat, remember to NOT include your sender address.

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