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March 29, 2016


Sex will be GONE within 30 years as designer baby-making replaces old-school bonking

(Thanks to Jeff Schneider, who says "my money is on the old-school bonking.")


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I did not have any bonking since old school.

Didn't Old School Bonking tour with the Sex Pistols? Or am I thinking of Designer Baby-making?

I thought condoms were a labor saving device...

Here's another vote for Old-School Bonking. I believe they played at the Trump Campaign kick-off rally.

A whole new field of disagreement between couples is opening right before our eyes.

"Not tonight, dear. My technician has a headache."

The orgasmatron will make the old school bonking obsolete. sigh.

People have been naturally bonkers since time began. I don't foresee any changes coming.

For a second I thought it was Beiber kissing Beiber in drag. My stomarch is still churning. (Reference:
the Kane portrait)

I'm not up on all this slang. I never knew there were sexual innuendo's to saying someone's "going bonkers"


I don't know how to make this a clickable link, but this classic " Dinner At Eight " scene deals with that problem.

I don't know about that. I stopped my baby making days thirty-some years ago but still enjoy an old-school bonking.

Will there be a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects? That could finally be a partial Republican alternative to Obamacare.

I can see designer babies and permanent birth control. I cannot see lack of sex. And I don't think the prof did either.

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