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March 30, 2016


Wisconsin stripper bites customer 'in the crotch' during lap dance

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Diamond Jim’s offers free admission to anyone who shows up in a snowmobile during the winter"

...and offers an immediate hire to any prospective stripper who shows up for an audition without her dentures.

Hey, he paid her and told her to "do her thing."

Her "thing" included a Crotch Bite.

Next time stay home with your wife, Haathi.

I'm sorry to interrupt but the biter is so Flip Wilsonish looking

What you see is what you get?

I have friends who call that foreplay.

That's what she said, Marquis.

BTW, having a story about a Wisconsin stripper appear in the NY Daily News says a LOT more about the NY Daily News than it does about Wisconsin. Don't try to tell me New York doesn't have any of its own crotch-biting strippers. Whom I saw open for Hole at Summerfest last year, but that's beside the point.

Hey pad, we have so many crotch-biting strippers in New York they aren't even worth covering (so to speak), unless they do something "special" - doing it in Times Square, for instance.

I thought it was another story about the Wisconsin primary.

'Diamond Jim’s features naked dancers and nearly $1,000 of new dynamic lighting systems'

*ahem* geraldine? that's lighting systems, girl
- and now here come da judge . . .

Did she get a "tip"?

ER doc. " Ok Mr. Roth, exactly what were you doing that caused the damage to your penis?"

Derick Roth, now known as "Twice Shy", and Mesheokia White, now known as "71433".

I think that in Indiana you have to pay extra for mentioned services.

Why do these so-called "strippers" always resemble no one I'd want to see stripping?

Interesting picks from that editor.

One usually has to pay extra for this service.

"....nearly $1,000 of new dynamic lighting systems." Three Coleman Lanterns and a mirror ball?

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