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March 30, 2016


President Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter says vegan diets could attract extraterrestrial life

They will blast the Earth with an anti-kale ray.

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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The will blast the Earth with an anti-kale ray.
How about a 'y', Dave?

There's a joke in here somewhere about the seventh planet from the sun. Although, unlike there, this lady is a gas giant.

Set your vibratory level to 11...

This is what happens when people forget to wear their tinfoil hats.

I'm sure she meant extraterrestrial lice.

About 20 seconds was all I could take of their video, and that was with extreme restraint against the urge to yank the plug from the wall.

Great-great grandpa maintains hope senility will eventually set in and put an extraterrestrial brown paper bag over her Stage 5 resting bitch face.


Set phasers to stun.

I don't even want to ask her what she thinks will attract bears from outer space.

Amoeba, have you not seen this?

Sadly, at the annual UFO festival in Roswell, she would appear normal.

Here, E.T. E.T. E.T. ....

Vegan diets are appropriate if you are from Vega.

She sounds like Exhibit A.

Didn't she see the Twilight Zone episode about aliens coming to earth ? ITS A COOKBOOK DAMMIT !

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