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March 29, 2016


New York nurse loses license for taking picture of patient's penis

(Thanks to funny man)


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How dumb. Like she has never seen one before. Then to send it around to other employees. They should of never invented these phones to take pictures. On one really needs it.
P.S.Ha Ha I read your newsletter so you would be a good candidate for President and of course I could be on your cabinet. Funny Dave.


Waiting for Nursecindy to comment...

It was just a small infraction.

Kind of confused here - are patients not a virtue?

MtB: Per my gardener, impatiens are a virtue.

Employees Only Beyond This Point

If You Are Currently Experiencing Any Flu-like Symptoms Including Coughing, Sneezing, Runny Nose or your Head Growing Smaller - Please Reschedule Your Appointment For A Later Time

Please DO NOT stand on the commode and try to look into the shower stall. It may break (This one is real)

Penis Picture Taking OK

-I'm in charge of making the signs at our office. Thanks. MT

She probably texted it to "Carlos Danger."

" Smile ! "

Klez: I guess that means I am without virtue, then. Who'd have guessed, huh?

Complete lack of judgement. I too read the newsletter. Please reserve a place next to the coffee cups and saucers for me.

MtB: C'mon, jump on board the Geezer Bus; let's go campaigning to further Dave's Presidential ambitions!

I have friends who call that foreplay.

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