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March 29, 2016


See Kiefer Sutherland's Debut Country-Music Video 'Not Enough Whiskey'

(Thanks to Sharon [The Minx] Lurie)


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Well, darn it, he's not bad.

Ow, my knee!

Next maybe a duet with William' Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' Shatner...

Sorry, but there's not enough whiskey to make me watch the whole thing.

Just my opinion, but as he is lip-synching the lyrics through the whole video (and doesn't seem to try to hide it), it just looks goofy. Not suggesting he actually try to hide it, rather, just don't even bother, and let the real singing do the authentic aural communicating.

[This from someone who would be pelted to death with explosive vegetables by everyone, including Keifer Sutherland, if he ever tried to even claim he was singing.]

He's going to do a show in Birmingham. I'm assuming Chloe has uploaded the schematics of the venue to Jack's PDA and he'll rappel to the stage after dropping a couple of flashbang grenades...

Meanie the Blue, there hasn't been a live video with real singing (e.g. not lip-syncing) since about 1967.

It was an interesting shoot overall.

Ow, my knee!

Tired of getting shot in the thigh? Is thinking about Jack Bauer alone enough to make one wince and jerk the knee reflexively? Isn't that more than a little embarrassing when you're at the office?

Well, wincers of the world, fret no more!

BlogCo presents the new designer Kevlar Bauer Series Chaps, stylish enough for your status meetings, at the big game, or that romantic evening with that special someone. Yes, you'll feel safe and secure knowing that these will stop any intentional or wayward bullet from piercing your thigh.

Kiefer's next hit. I'm Schizo over your love so hop in my pick-up and let me reveal my false-beliefs.

JSG, I wouldn't suggest that he be actually singing and recorded on the video, so much as that he just let the already-recorded song play as the soundtrack to the video and he not even try to mouth the words. (Neither lip-sync nor sing as he's being filmed.)

Just a thought, anyway, while I look for the whiskey.


some of Jack Bauer’s best quotes make Much better country song titles:

► “You make one sound & I'll rip your tongue out"

► “Trust me. You do not want to go down this road with me.”

► “I don’t need another reason to put a bullet in your brain.”

► “I’m gonna need a hacksaw.”

Remember when Miami Vice had singers like Phil Collins and Glen Frey on as actors, and then Don Johnson recorded an album?

Kiefer just brought me back...
Sorry to bring back horrible memories, but google "Don Johnson Heartbeat" and you'll see what I mean.

Makes me pine for the days of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys.

Play it backwards and it says "I miss Marwan, he understood me."

SNORK @ funny man!

I miss Marwan too!

Now that brings back memories. Raise your hand if you ever actually put your ear down to the actual Beatles album and actually tapped it around backwards to hear "Turn me on, dead man."

And when Kiefer does his next commercial for José Cuervo, he'll also debut his next song, entitled "Not Enough Tequila."

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