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March 27, 2016


Mountie halts highway traffic for stubborn beaver

(Thanks to Ralph)


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There is nothing more frustrating than a stubborn beaver distracting everyone's attention.

Hugh Beaumont should have been called in to have a gentle, teachable moment with the little fella...

As this happened in Canada, the animal must have wandered away from its shucks.

Playboy no longer shows any of those.

I saw Stubborn Beaver open for the Pretenders.

*picks K up with the geezer bus*

But was it a nice beaver?

(GeezerBus Airplane! reference, obviously)

Very romantic.

@PrateBoy - it was in the Naked Gun. Priscilla stuffed it herself.

I thought that it was a story abut vaginismus.

I met many stubborn beavers in college, but they never halted traffic.

Qaz: Sorry, I'm Oveur, Under, and Dunn...

I have encountered some stubborn beavers, but, like Ralph, none that ever stopped traffic. But, I sure do recall the hissing part.

Meanwhile, in Australia....

It was Canada. Justin? Stay There! And don't hiss!

As a proud kevlar-encased and concrete-bunkered Chicagoan, I'd welcome a society where this event made the news.

The beaver is on the 5¢ piece in Canada.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

C'est l'amour .....

Why did the angry beaver cross the road?

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