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March 31, 2016


Japan invents electric 'salt-flavoured fork'

(Thanks to coscolo)


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Kind of hard to suck on a fork while chewing, no?

"Please pardon the delay, everyone, as the silverware is still charging. In the meantime, help yourself to another specialty beer."

Great, because we don't get enough salt in our diets.

Definitely needs to be added to Dave's Christmas gift list. They may have even developed a waterproof version by then.

I can't wait for the spork version to appear in fast food restaurants. The food isn't nearly salty enough.


least you don't have to plug it in....so it's charged with asalt & battery ?

The fork handles, however, taste like blackberry... when it's working. (RIP Ronnie Corbett :o( )

“dietary sin linked to a raft of health problems”

According to Webster’s:
1 a: a collection of logs or timber fastened together for conveyance by water
1 b: a flat structure for support or transportation on water
2: a floating cohesive mass
3: an aggregation of animals (as waterfowl) resting on the water

Hmmm .. .. ..

Can it make you taste bacon...?

Let's see if they can do it with chopsticks.

That is the best forking idea I've heard all day..

Mankind has long awaited an instrument to run electricity into the tongue.

Please pass the fork.

It isn't designed to be waterproof, so you'd better have a dry mouth...

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

I have friends who call this seasoning.

Good stuff, well done all.

I have friends who call this fork play.

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