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March 28, 2016


Adorable moment a bemused mechanic lifts the bonnet of a car and finds a family of tiny SQUIRRELS fast asleep

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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Mama Squirrel was late getting back from the power station.

They will take over, driving us nuts, and then they will eat us.

What will run on the treadmill if they take the squirrels out ?

Guinea pigs. They may squeak a little, but with proper training....????

Sorry, Daily Mail, we don't have "bonnets" on our cars here in the colonies.

Was it really necessary to say Pennsylvania America?
>insert disdainful tut-tut< Like there's another Pennsylvania ...

We will get you all one day. Heh heh.

My problem has been chipmunks climbing on top of the engine block and stuffing half chewed acorns into the liner under the hood. Whenever I open the hood, I get a shower of acorns and acorn parts. Gets embarrassing when I have to have a mechanic take a look under there.

"Why yes, we do store our emergency road rations under the hood! Why do you ask???"

Mommy and daddy squirrel took longer than expected sizing up security breaches at a nuclear power plant. The kids will be OK, but we had better watch our backs. They are preparing....

They like to send the kids to do their evil work, the bastards.

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