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March 31, 2016


A Florida man is accused of entering the room of a couple that were having sex, and joining in without consent.

(Thanks to John Mayson)


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He should have read the invitation closer. The orgy was in room 218, not room 216.

Consensual sex does not mean all et al.?

This is similar to the hockey penalty for 3rd man in except in hockey you are sentenced to serve for 5 minutes in a box.

"A Man named Peggy" was supposed to be the follow-up to
A Boy named Sue", but Mr. Cash passed away before the song was recorded.

As he ever so gently, ever so slowly, removed his Oculus VR headset, his true identity was finally revealed: That of an 26 year old unemployed computer nerd, living in his parent's basement.

"Dude! It was awesome! I can't wait for our software to come out of beta-testing!"

Hostile takeover?

Don't we know someone who knows something about foreplay?

Someone's seen too many X-rated videos

NTTAWWT, of course.

Right, marquis?

What you need is a video of this with David Attenbourgough narrating. "The second male, not to be outdone, tries his luck with the female...."

"No reservation? I'm sorry, sir, I'm afraid there is a wait."

Perhaps he thought he was exercising his right of droit du seigneur.

The guy's name was Peggy? Like that one in some old commercial about customer support?

> tap tap < May I cut in ?

♫ Just Help Yourself To
My Lips, To my arms, to my bed....♫

WAIT, Sir! That's not what I meant!

Filing in for Romeo is Peggy Sander Simon. He's 5'8"
160 pounds and known for his stealthy entry.

He tried to stuff the ballot box while congress was in session.

She noticed something had changed...it didn't say she objected.

The more the merrier?

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