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February 25, 2016


Three men stuck in a lift after curry feast

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Uncontrollable Flatulence opened for the Poo-Flinging Neighbours - obviously - at The Isle of Wight Festival.

Pretty sh!tty show.

Now there is a Survivor episode that should have been made.

Meanie, don't give anybody any ideas. TLC, aka "The Looney Channel" would jump all over something like this.

And some call waterboarding inhumane.

" A wave of eyewatering flatulence "

In America, we call that " election year ".

That'll chap your ass.

I wonder if one of them said: "Take your time getting us out. We're in no curry....."

"Chinese got lots of kinds of hell, Jack."-Wang, in
Big Trouble in Little China.

No word on whether one is elevator curry hell.

Now we know what The Donald meant when he said he would "use waterboarding and worse".

You can curry favor, but I don't favor curry....

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