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February 28, 2016


Transvestite Vampire Biker Nuns from Outer Space is among the contenders for a prize given annually to the year's oddest book title.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They sound suspiciously like characters from "Rocky Horror Picture Show". Except for the nun part.

I also like Too Naked for the Nazis.

Tom Clancy's dead, but he just keeps rolling out these hot new titles.

MSTK 3000 should buy up the rights to this one!

I remember a book I saw in the library called: "The 18 Worst Golf Holes in the USA". The cover had a rather large beer-gutted shirtless guy standing next to a burned out car with golf club in hand. Apparently the hole had other dangers besides the burned out cars....some homeless drug addicts might be sleeping in one of the cars and might accost the unwary.

This is a book? Did they make a movie out of it yet?(ha) This would be a perfect one for one of Mr. Mitch's movie nights. Sure to please,.. Too funny.

Finally, a book that comes complete with its own synopsis.

Yog-Sotath is going to be upset by not being mentioned in this title. It's NEVER good to upset Yog-Sotath.

This is absolutely THE year for Paper Folding With Children. They are very flexible at this age.

BTW, Fox is redoing The Rocky Picture Horror Show for this fall. Keifer has been mentioned but unconfirmed.
(Why they feel they gotta redo a classic is beyond me.)

Hey! Time to fire somebody! This was previously blogged under


Reading from Behind: A Cultural History of the Anus"

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