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February 26, 2016


Snow Penis Reported as Bias-Incident


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all blowviated way out of proportion

Is there no material that a penis seems to be made of.(ha).

The reasoning here seems limp to me.

I saw Bias-Incident open for Snow Penis. It wasn't a titillating show.

Didn't Limp Penis open for...


The unspeakable woe. Have they arranged professional grief counseling for the traumatized?

The most important question, have we reached peak Social Justice Warrior™ status signalling yet?

Another eight inches expected overnight.

Undoubtedly the Bursley community has been harmed by the snow penis

Shirley, they can't be serious.

Spring, and shrinkage, are coming.

'no efforts had been made to create a snow vagina'

well, with no snowballs we're polar opposites,
butt if it's not too frigid
i like a snowman who can melt my igloo

Stay in skool.

Some students have already bought a can of red spray paint and can't wait until the bias-incident cops discover what that snow penis will look like tomorrow morning.

There is no strategy to recruit these people by large corporations. They have to be constantly stroked and petted and reassured, and they take every third day off for something. They can't put down the phones for ten minutes and are constantly outraged over minor stuff, and they just don't make their six-month review. If they do, they are gone in a few months anyway because someone looked at them funny.
Maybe their younger brothers and sisters will be able to perform tasks? Let's hope so.

It was too white?

What's that old saw----" Red penis in the morning, take warning." Or something like that.

Snow Penis definitely opened for Bjork. In fact, I think she wore a snow penis to the Oscars that year...

And, dittos, Android...everything is deemed "offensive" and "incorrect" to these kiddies, yet what pours from many of their mouths is so offensive and incorrect as to melt the paint off the walls. Small-mindedness and mean-spiritedness, as they see it, is something in which other people engage, and not them. They also think they're uber-hip and classy, but most of them have all the class, taste, and enlightenment of a refrigerator bulb...sad.

How come you never see a snow vagina? Cold male bias?

The Residential Staff? Sounds like a small member discrimination complaint.

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