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February 26, 2016


A woman once dubbed the 'hot dog hooker' is back at it again... she now has a sign in her front yard offering topless lap dances on her swing.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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"You, too, can make up to $500.00 a week in your spare time by using this one secret that your HOA doesn't want you to know about!"

To paraphrase the Marx Brothers:

"How much do we have to pay for you NOT to flash your breasts at us?"

"You couldn't afford it."

Does this have anything to do with the "weiner wars"
between Burger King and other fast food firms?

Unlucky in lust.

Hey, it's her little tribute to her cousin Nino.

Marketing is everything.

Even the village drunk would stagger up and ask, " I unnershand you gives lappp---YIKES!....No more tequila for me. Ever.

Tough to see how .... actually, just tough to see.

My deepest apologies to John Anderson, because I've always loved this song...but, here you go:


It's too bad you can illuminate the darkness, but not do the opposite.

A 2012 bust...? What does that even mean ?

"Is that a bust, or what"?
Lt. Frank Drebin - "Very impressive indeed, but we came here to ask some questions"

She calls the neighbor who tipped off the cops "der wiener snitcher"....

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