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February 29, 2016


French pasta-maker struggling to keep up with demand for insect noodles

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Call it "artisinal" and double the price. Hipsters will eat it up (so to speak).

the perfect leap day meal ?

(but i prefer hops in my beer, thank you)

I saw Insect Noodles warming up for the Talking Heads back in '78. Helluva show!

Grampaw, is that you? Speak to me!

".... around 500 packages flew off her shelves".

That is not a good image.

I think the Cricket-Flavoured Fusilli once opened for the Grateful Dead. Everyone in the audience was flying high one way or the other.

The French specialize insects appeal.

Hey, they like Jerry Lewis too.

I was never the bass player for Insect Noodles. Just a rumor.


I rike flied lice.

So, a plate of grasshopper and cricket spaghetti without meatballs is a vegetarian dish?
It could make some people hopping mad.

we're gonna need to raid the refrigerator

Buddy Holly and the Crickets make the the Insect Noodles look like Adam and the Ants.

All of her ingredients were from Lorraine except durum semolina, which Richard says is incompatible with the climate.

Tell Lorraine if she has that many insects, she needs to bathe....

If you throw it against the wall and it crawls up, is that al dente?

Always order the roaches deep fried or you may see your meal scurry back to the kitchen...

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