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February 24, 2016


How Not to Get Killed by a Cow

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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"Cattle were indirectly responsible for this study?" HUH?
Not being killed by a cow is always a good idea, but the writer of this article may have had a few too many head-butts with one.

Truly news you can use.

Could be worse: could be cows with guns.


I find that dressing up in a chicken suit smooths over a lot of misunderstandings with cattle.

Police not so much.

I was never killed by a cow. But bears is another thing...

Udderly amazing

Something to ruminate on

Related: Brit farmer turned Nazi super cows into sausage because they were too aggressive.


Researchers should do a steakout.

we need to beef up security !

"All of a sudden I was hit with a lot of bull..."
--Survivor at the hospital.

Could be a scene from Celebrity Apprentice, also.

Karma is a bitch...or a bull.

Moo-dy bast@rds, aren't they?

Eat Mor Chikin.

I tried to tackle a calf when I was a kid. My first concussion. What was the question?

Killer Cow once opened for The Animals at the Bay Area's Cow Palace...

I live in the country and there are three cows in a pasture across the road from my house that always stare at me when I go to the mailbox. So far all they've done is moo at me but I'll definitely be keeping a closer watch on them when I go outside.

My butcher said the best way to keep from getting killed by a cow is to not eat green beef.

I'll share this with my brother the dairy farmer but right now he's out standing in his field.

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