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February 29, 2016


Two pregnant women fight over man on Valentine’s Day at Olive Garden

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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Bring me a bottle of whatever they're drinking.

Video shot inside live on scene seconds before the prenatal fisticuffs started at that Olive Garden

If you watch the video carefully there is a guy who does not resemble Elvis ordering a beer. The cut under the non look-a-like's left eye occurred when a foul-mouthed punk thought to be somewhere is his final trimester landed the telling blow. "Waiter, check please."

This is odd enough to be a scene in a future Coen Brothers movie.

destined for a rematch at chuckEcheese in a few years at their children's birthday parties

Miss Oyl has her own restaurant ?

ligirl, that was my thought exactly!


Chuck E Cheese must have been over-booked.

They've got some killer bread sticks there

Could this have been mafia related ?

you take him!
no you take him.

Now we have to decide if the next Republican debate should be held at Olive Garden or Chuck E Cheese.

"Your restraining order will be out shortly. More bread?"

Nothing says love like a chick fight...over you. Talk about boosting self image.

A perfectly understandable dispute over possession of endless bread stick, IYKWIM.

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