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February 29, 2016


‘Super lice’ outbreak hits 25 states

(Thanks to Le Petomane, who says "Kinda like Suoer Tuesday.")

*Geezer reference.


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Nobody had lice when I was growing up and now all kinds of kids and family members are getting them. Yuck.

re: geezer reference

what were the people who thought it was a bird or a plane so excited about?

Tweezer reference?

I blame cartoons and mad scientists. Atom Ant, Fredie Flea, the Tick...where will the insanity end?

My wife often had to deal with kids in her class with lice. They'd lay on the rug together and pass it around the room.

Jeff, in college we did the same thing. But instead of a rug, it was a "doobie." Surprisingly no one got lice,
and if they had, they were too mellow to care.

Please, no jokes about pyrethroid-resistant lice being a real head-scratcher.

The penalty is tar, hold the feathers.

Just keep picking them out and eating them like the chimps. Its heart healthy.

or make spaghetti with them.

Look! Up in the sky!
It's absurd!
It's insane!
It's SuperDuperMan!

Yes, marygos. And there is a pasta maker in France that will buy all the lice we send them. I can see the emergence of lice farming becoming lucrative---or maybe not. The economics are a real head- scratcher

sadness is my kryptonite

i <3 dave & all your nit-witty comments

Miami lice are so big , kids need no helmets when they go skating

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