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February 25, 2016


Microbiologists discover caffeine-adapted bacteria living in the sludge in their office coffee machine.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Coffee, tea, amoeba?

Nobel prize contender... or, at least a big, fat government grant to study and possibly militarize the bacteria.

Good to the last drop?

right GA-Oz - & they'll hire a multi-cultural staph: black coffee matters!

How does one hope to comprehend any of this without the benefit of the beverage being studied and its associated zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I saw Caffeine Addicted Bacteria open for somebody or other.

Instead of studying the coffee machine perhaps one of the microbiologists should clean it out?

Coffee without bacteria would be a new experience for most of us. Isn't it bacteria that gives it flavor?

If you drop the percolator basket into the toilet bowl when you're dumping the grounds, it takes care of all that.

After returning from a weekend off, workers in the administrative department of a local garden supply store found a pulsing, glowing brown mass stretching all the way from the coffee machine to the plant fertilizer section. Empty sugar packets were found strewn about the office and leaving a rough trail out the door into the retail area. Attempts to cut the mass off from access to the fertilizer with shovels were largely unsuccessful, merely provoking the mass into belligerence. High pressure garden hoses were used to disperse the mass and drain it in a watered down state into underground piping. While it was thought to be subdued, office staff proceeded to clean up the area, however, vehicles could be seen a short while later being overturned and submerged at the nearest local highway drains, and the National Guard has sent tanks and artillery to the scene. Local EMS crews are tending to the few known survivors.

*Man, these dreams are getting worse. Going off the decaf.*

*note to self: never accept anything ingestible from Clankie*

Has anyone seen Amoeba Stampede lately?

Mister Coli

Meanie: Please stay on what you are on. Your ranting posts are as much fun to read as Mark Twain's letter to the gas company. A great break from politics.

We’d suggest that they study what lives in the office fridge next, but really – not even a microbiologist wants to go there!


I clean out my coffee cup at work a couple times a year. Wonder if any of those guys are in my cup ?

It stays awake all night, too....

The caffeine bacteria who live at Starbucks are easy to spot under the microscope...they're the ones wearing beards and little porkpie hipster hats, and are busy tapping out poetry on their tiny laptops...

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