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February 24, 2016


Florida firefighters accused of having sex on the job

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Burn, baby, burn.

Come on baby, Light my fire.

Insert your "hose" joke here....

so were they fired ?

*due to strict policy i refrain from noting the guy is fried*

Also, insert your pole [sorry] joke here.

Sounds like someone wanted their helmet washed.

I grew up with a friend named Prong. Some of the guy's suggested he go by Spike. Prong beat them to a pulp.

now their just old flames

THEY'RE, d@mmit!

You could say they had the hots for each other.

Reminded me of the old Lionel Ritchie follow-up hit to Hello, 'They're.'

"Hi, is it us you're looking for..."

lie'er, lie'er pants on fire

NTTAWWT, of course.

I haven't read the article. Are they saying they had sex while putting out a fire ? THATS confidence !

Smoke gets in your eyes?


Fire Truck: starts with "F" and ends with....

I'm assuming Dave heard this from a friend.

I understand they also had sex "on the clock." I imagine it was a very large clock to support them both.

I thought that the fireman usually go down on a pole... to their trucks of course.

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