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February 25, 2016


Burping world record claimed by Darwin man with fizzy drink-fuelled 110.6-decibel belch

(Thanks to Steve Thompson)


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This is another outrageous sports scandal. He appears to be considerably closer to the decibel meter than the current record holder, and decibel levels are subject to the inverse square law.

We need an International Olympic Burping Committee that can standardize contest conditions including background noise levels, ambient temperature and pressure, which decibel scale is used, distance and angle of the microphone, meter calibration, use of air vs. carbonated beverages, and of course drug testing, etc.

There is nothing funny about the name Humpty Doo.

I have a new hero.

*updates resumé*

Not that I wish to compete, but shouldn't duration and form count also? (Analogous to this?)

Is it the same guy as in yesterday's news? No wonder he got that $77 fine.

From the Humpty Doo news, 2017. " Local resident and International burping champion, Neville Sharp, unexpectedly managed to burp his way through the wall of a local pub last evening and was last seen flying across the outback. Stunned bystanders said he was attempting to beat his old record by munching on jalapeno peppers in addition to his usual concoctions. Sadly, the sound recording device was destroyed, which will require a repeat performance, if and when Mr. Sharp s found and returned."

Obviously this is not for Austrians.

am i the only 1 who remembers root beer fizzies?

* sits on geezer bus with brown fingers on little foil packs, tongue tingling*

^ that's right - we LICKED 'em - then threw them in the toilet :P

Still no match for Eudora Welty.

I do, ligirl.

I'm amazed he doesn't scare away all the fish. He only catches the deaf ones.

burping more loudly than a hand drill is not a particularly lucrative business


Single, is he?

Ligirl, I'll see your Fizzies, and raise you a pair of wax lips! Heck, I'll even toss in a package of Bottlecaps!

I'd also offer a pack of candy cigarettes, but I think those were outlawed about 30 years ago by the Bad Gum Police.

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