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February 24, 2016


12 Person Brawl Breaks Out at A Chuck E. Cheese

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Must have been a special occasion, like a day ending in "y."

Actually, I believe the rumor got out that there was an actual piece of pepperoni on one of the pizzas.

The heavyset woman with the blue top was worth watching all by herself!

It's a guerrilla-marketing stunt for Cirque du Soleil.

they must've missed the prominent CHILL OUT poster

I belive this means that MA is compelled to join in to help defend CT, obliging Nova Scotia to keep their pledge to protect Rhode Island. The other Canadian Maritime provinces are bound by treaty to defend their Crown neighbors, with the united support of the rest of Canada. Such a threat to its ally is not tolerable by the United States, particularly Alaska, triggering a full preemptive counter-intervention by Russia. China, of course, cannot sit idly by as its neighbor becomes involved in a global military struggle, and seizes the opportunity to invade Japan, while Western European powers mobilize for occupation of the Arctic, except Germany, who refuses to answer the phone or email. Baltic nation forces sweep across the Middle East and North Africa, while Mexico forms a naval blockade around the Bermuda Triangle. With mushroom clouds appearing across the globe, waves of ants begin to spread out from the Amazon jungle, with its leader declaring "Huh. Way sooner than I thought."

Meanie, don't go back to Chuckie's, please.

sounds like meanie's been to one too many trump rallies

Meanie the Blue: So the " butterfly effect" of Armageddon begins with a brawl at a Chuck E. Cheese?
Makes perfect sense to me as I always avoid going to those dives. This scenario is likely better than enduring the 2016 presidential elections.

Maybe they should start serving adult beverages at Chuck E. Cheese. I know I could have used one or twelve the last time I went there for a birthday party.

Yes, the annihilation of the world is initiated at a Chuck E. Cheese, as foretold in Revelations [chapter/verse TBD, trust me], where End Times occur at midnight in most locations. And, don't fool yourselves, the lamb gets pretty roughed up by the lion.

PS - a cryptic reply was left on a UN answering machine, apparently from a number in Germany, with a loudly sung "La-la-laaaaaaa .... la-la ......"

Dog bites man story.

Holy Moly ! I bet Meanie the b is great at RISK !

Meanie: The End of Days happens at exactly midnight, Greenwich time, like all over the world. Right? I have an extra towel and we don't want to miss catching our ride on that Vogon ship, do we?

Did this have anything to do with 'garlic knots'?

LeP - flip you for who wears the dressing gown.

Meanie: Let's let Ford Prefect decide the toss.

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