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January 28, 2016


So we are definitely not blogging it.

(Thanks to Al B.)


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It put the kink in kinkajou.

Sometimes just waking up in Florida can be startling.

(Also, this is not a comment.)

Why can't wild animals just, you know, stay in the wild.? Our daughter messaged us a while ago to say a pigeon just hopped into her carriage on the Jubilee Line in London. It doesn't have a valid Oyster Card. Sheesh.

grams eat oats 'n does eat oats 'n little lambs eat ivy,
but what'll eat grandma, too - kinkajou ?

Fine, but I've seen stranger faces on the debate stage in recent months.

It has a face that only a mother could love.

SNORK at ligirl!

I saw Kinkajou Alarm Clock open for Cream.

nursecindy: The woman must have an even scarier face if the kinkajou fled to the attic.

"Most people mistake it for a monkey."

Really? Most people mistake that for a monkey? Most people need to stop with the monkey fixation. Every time I hear about tree-dwelling mammals from anywhere other that the midwest, some dope-smoking chimp-lover is mistaking it for a monkey!

Look at that! It's nothing like a monkey! It has paws for Jane's sake! Monkeys do NOT have paws! Furthermore, neither Michael Jackson, nor Justin Bieber have ever owned one! Nothing at all like a monkey!

Rant adjourned.

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