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January 31, 2016


The big issue: Sod.


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Grass is a big issue these days. We have medicinal grass here in Minnesota. Even our Governor seems to be medicinal.

Coral Gables sounds a lot like Austin, Tx. I would put up Austin as just as picky and anal as anyplace in the world. If they aren't, be prepared for a phalanx of Austin council-persons to descend on your city to copy what you are doing. Oh, and it sounds like people in Coral Gables park on the grass, too - just like South Austin.

Stay warm Dave

The Life Hazard Sod WBAGNFA folk revival band.


Yes, many residential streets in "the Gables" have a grass strip between the sidewalk and the street, and people park on it. With all that rainfall, the grass grows so fast it survives the car traffic.


Might want to be careful using "Sod" as a headline. There might be Englishmen reading...;-)

I'm very disappointed in this article. I thought at first glance that SMOD was finally getting the attention he deserves.

SMOD '16: You'll Wish He'd Won.

good luck with your grassroots movement, dave

Dave to the Coral Gables Nazis:

Stay off my damn lawn!

Recently Jeb Bush called Trump! Trump! Trump! a *jerk*. Marco Rubio, while a little chippy himself lately yet managing to smile 23.9.5 hours a day while rising in the polls, chimed in stating on the record He's not sure if Jeb is mad about being low in the polls or if Trump took his bike and stole his girlfriend.

Instead of raising red flags to the code-enforcement Nazis, tie some fake dead birds to the sod to attract vultures. Chicken blood helps. That should discourage parking.

If only we could persuade him to run ..... Dave Barry: Make America's Toilets Great Again!

team barry motto: Help with Dave Barry's 'Movement' & Flush out the Competition!

Here in the desert Southwest, sod is reserved for special areas, mainly in small patches around select homes to provide extra income for Jesus ( or his cousin Juan ) to mow in the summer. A special hybrid grass has been developed to withstand the heat and batches are tested in a pizza oven for fifteen minutes .
Many of us prefer natural landscaping that consists of anything that takes care of itself. This does encourage what they call " endangered species." These have been handled for decades under reasoning that if it is on your property, hisses, stings or tastes good, you can bet your sweet bippy it's endangered.
Perhaps Dave could substitute the little red flags with spike strips, should do the trick. Or see if some desert hybrid grass would survive in sodden Florida. That stuff is so tough having a Prius drive over it would only save buying a lawn roller.


Dave you should run for President. Think of the experience and all of the humor that you could bestow upon all of us.(ha). Then you could write a book about it.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Dave using "swale" in a sentence that does not also contain the word "pirate", or at least have some pirate lingo in it.

But maybe that's just me.

If Dave wants to get away from political issues having to do with dirt and things that grow out of it, he is in entirely the wrong state.

Agreed Ms. Flukey. I, for one, wondered if a "Swale" was a kind of fish served in those too-expensive trendy restaurants. They keep trying to get me to buy the "Tilapia".

Key quote:


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