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January 27, 2016


For the next few days I will be in Iowa, because it is a Winter Wonderland. I'll be writing columns from there but blogging from me will be sporadic. Maybe judi will post some stuff, despite being fired.


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Could you Skype Supreme Vermin into some of the last minute campaign events?

Good luck! I'll vote for you! (You are announcing Monday, right?)

Watch out, there will be Trumps about.

Iowa can has internet.

Speaking of writing columns: Anybody else notice that there have been no new Classic '95 columns posted over to yonder left? I love to read those. What's up? Is The Blog no longer Classic '95 ?

Please tell us that you are running for president!

How about running as a Third Party candidate representing the Fourth Estate?

I'll bet you a Fifth you could win it all!

I will be First to Second Capisce's motion

Four more beers!
Four more beers!

So, is something going on in Iowa, then? Corn Festival or some such?

Don't step in the caucus.

You could help NASA with the herpes research, in your spare time...

Stay out of the trees!

Oh, wait, that would be Idaho. Never mind.

Back in my Colorado college days I remember a poster in a local bar, " Ski Iowa." It pictured a guy in full ski gear complete with poles standing in a flat field of stubble corn in about an inch of snow with a puzzled look on his face. Running for president would beat that. Winning would be better. Have fun at the Wonderland, don't pass up any free drinks and be safe.

When I was in high school, a group of us chartered a campus club called "The Bandini Ski Club", named after a popular brand of steer manure. They were running a funny commercial at the time featuring Not Dave wearing a full ski suit, standing on top of large, steaming pile of cow droppings.

Having once been to Iowa, it sounds like nothing has changed.

@LePet': Ski Iowa

@MOTW: I noticed that too, but I always enjoy re-reading Dave's "Smut Patrol" column. Although now I see that one has disappeared as well.

Hopefully you are there "doing research" for your next book, where Hermann Munster and a Tribble are vying to be the next President of the United States..

A Floridian visiting Iowa at the time of the Iowa Caucus? Uh oh. Now I'm expecting to see multiple votes for Pat Buchanan....

Guess what I. O. W. A. stands for.

I hear skiing is wonderful in Iowa. Couple of boards and a tractor tow.

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