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January 24, 2016


Wisconsin thieves steal semi-trailer holding $70,000 of cheese

(Thanks to Gary Schroeder)


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Where would one sell "hot" cheese?

A pizza chain, maybe?

Time to alert the community about suspicious cheese laundering activities.

Anyone seen padraig lately?

And nursecindy and ligirl... All missing, burried undet 10 feet of snow maybe?

Can you say... Fondue Party?

I knew that you could.

nursecindy is fine in NC. She had about 5 inches of snow and a little ice but didn't lost power.

Someone is seriously cheesed off about the situation!

I believe this theft was perpetrated by a well known frozen pizza company.

That's because the driver was heard to say, 'Curds you, Red Barron'.

I think my dog may have been involved. He'll do anything for cheese.

Five to one the next big theft is a trailer of noodles.

thanks Rewq - 2 feet of snow here but all good,
we were out buying beer helping neighbors dig out, getting vodka taking pictures, getting drunk ready for the Big Game!

They'll be sorry they didn't also boost that CVS truck loaded with $10,000 worth the stool softener...

When they found the trailer it was empty. Perhaps all that mouse poop inside on the floor could be considered a clue.

I'm glad that you are all alive. But watch for those Yetis on the streets of NYC. It is safer to stay home and drink plenty of fluids... like whisky, vodka or beer (if you are a child).

Must have been one of those muenster trucks.

Meanie: OW

Railroad officials report two freight cars missing, one was carrying pasta (macaroni) and the other a tank car full of milk.

Not related at all, I have a question to any chemist here - can you make 'moonshine" out of cheese? And if YES, do you have a recipe? I have some cheese on my hands.

No whey!!!

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