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January 12, 2016


A Farm in Virginia is Recruiting Volunteers to Snuggle With its Baby Goats

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)


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Anyone want to contribute to a GoFundMe page for my Goat Cafe Coffee Shop?

As long as no raccoons are involved.

Ok, we're going to get into some politically incorrect trouble with this one.

"Snuggle with Goats" is the most popular attraction in Baghdad Disneyland.


I have friends who call this foreplay.

Did you guys hear that my ex is going to marry Rupert Murdoch? Don't know what reminded me of that.

"No worries, honey. I'm just going out for an afternoon with the kids."

'ok, dear - long as yer not goin' out on the lam again'

= = Future headlines = =
Theft Update: Woman Arrested for Getting Their Goat
New Service for Kid Sitters called "No Butts About It"
Kids Win Grammy for breakout hit: I Like Big Butts (And I Cannot Lie)

Hey! Those are MY goats!

While you're snuggling, BOLO for anyone trying to steal cheese.

It's only a matter of time before that big company makes drier sheets that will make your laundry smell like goats.

Women named Ivy are especially interested.

Is this based on that strange movie starring George Clooney, Men Who Stare at Goats?

Le P, it's gonna be part two of a planned trilogy, "The men who snuggle with goats". No word yet on whether or not Clooney will return. Any guesses what part 3 is about?

KGB Goats with guns in their rectum snuggle with kids?

Emily Litella, waving her hands wildly: "In my day, smuggling goats was a crime!"

SNL News Anchor, in a resigned tone: "Um, Miss Litella, the story is about SNUGGLING goats. Snuggling, not smuggling."

Emily Litella: "Oh, then never mind.

(I still miss Gilda Radner.)

Funny Man, Likely it will be written by the Coen Brothers who are unpredictable. Possibly "Guess Who's Coming to Cabrito". It would work here in New Mexico.

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