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January 21, 2016


Just days ahead of an expected blizzard on the East Coast, New Jersey has officially repealed a nonsensical rule banning the shoveling of snow without a license.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I didn't realize there were licenses for snow.

In one county in Maryland in the DC area, it is illegal to go back inside while your car warms up. Makes it too easy on the car thieves, evidently.

"Anything Can Happen In Jersey". Yes, that is their actual state lottery slogan. And it is true in this case. The lottery, not so much.

And now...it's time for a little bridge traffic.

Albuquerque once considered a law against leaving your car with the motor running to warm up. After much consideration and thought, they decided that when the person comes back out to find their car missing, they could figure out for themselves that wasn't a bright idea and a law really wouldn't change much.

Christie immediately shut down the state, fearing terrorists could be riding snowflakes into New Jersey.

They can come shovel my driveway. If I had a driveway. And if I lived in New Jersey. I do, however, have a car. They can come clean off my car.

My boss told us today that we are expected at work Monday. I told 'em it's half a mile to the highway from my home and what if the road isn't plowed by then? (A likely occurrence.) Answer: You have all day Sunday to shovel your way out. And to recover from the heart attack.


If you can't pump your own gas, why the hell should you be allowed to shovel your own snow ?

A State Senator sponsored the “right-to-shovel” bill

Send him to Washington!

When snow shovels are outlawed, only outlaws will have snow shovels.

New Jersey where the sewage meets the sea.

Well it's 0700 and MD lawmakers have declared a state of emergency (just before boarding their private jets to fly to the Caimans and 'ride out the storm').

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