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January 30, 2016


This time they're porn-tweeting cereal icons.

(Thanks to judy b.)


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Is nothing sacred ?

I always wondered what was so special about Special K.

Didn't Anthropomorphic Animal Porn open for Perilous Tutus in aught-six?

Hahaha! These modern "real-life" furries who say it's not a fetishist subculture crack me up! Second Life and Real Life have collided in recent years, and Steampunk is the only remotely decent thing to come out of it.

A few years ago, a fire alarm went off at a local convention center that was hosting a furry gathering. When the fire engines pulled up and saw the creatures huddled outside in a Chicago winter, one of the firemen turned to another and said "Ed, what the hell did you put in the chili this time?"

I saw a furry as a patient in the emergency room last week. We had to lance an infected boil in his scalp. I placed the hypodermic needle into the top of his head, in order to give him the numbing medicine so we could do the procedure. He howled in pain ran out of the ER, with the hypodermic still in his scalp...From then on we referred to him as....(wait for it)....

The furry with the syringe on top.....

Oh, grrreat!

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