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January 24, 2016


If you're a male, you don't want to read the sports update.

(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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Dave is so right.

Oh, come on... real men play without any protection.


not the 1st athlete to deflate his balls

(go broncos!)

That poor guy really got pucked.

Should've used the Stanley Cup...

loco.pollo you are very right! :)

Immediately after the game NHL league officials reassured a group of recoiling reporters Ryan Getzlaf had nothing to do with the incident.

"You can always get somebody to do your thinking for you."

(Hockey great Gordie Howe, on why he wore a protective cup but not a helmet)

I foresee a lot of icing in his future.

Did he tweet via the technology, or is that just how his remark came out?

It may have saved his bacon, but his eggs are now scrambled!

I wonder how well he will perform in the crease.

He's soon to be the spokesman for either Limp Bizkit, or Viagra.

His cup runneth over.

Happened to me once. Remember it clearly.

Go Denver! Yet another Manning in the Super Bowl.

Oopsie! I can't use the "S-Word". as that is a copyrighted phase.

Yet another Manning in the Big Game!

Nah! That sounds terrible! I'll just take my chances.

Denver wins SuperBowl 50 by 4 points! I'm predicitng the future here....

@PirateBoy - predicting future is a bit more difficult that predicting past. By the way, do you also know the Super Ball numbers?

Loki - Yes, they range between 1 and 68... ;)

Couple years ago, I was ref'ing a youth football game. Running back comes charging toward the line with the ball. Defender had been blocked to the ground, but is struggling to get up, manages to get his head and shoulders partway off the ground and meets the running back, helmet to groin. Running back goes down like a sack of potatoes and is writhing on the ground, grabbing himself. I run over to check on him. He sees me, rolls onto his back, and asks an epic question: "Ref, am I gonna have kids?"

All the Moms on the sidelines started to laugh when they realized where he'd been hurt. He wasn't wearing protection. There was no sympathy shown as a result.

- while we're on the topic can we talk about tom brady's SACks ?!

muhahahahahahahaha !!!

*ahem* i believe there were 4 yesterday - yadda yadda 'deflated', etc

Oh, .... took me a moment before I realized you didn't mean "sac".

now meanie, would I imply brady's a d!ck ??

No, you wouldn't exactly imply it ....

*stop getting me in trouble*!!

shouldn't you be shoveling or something - ?

I'm late with this comment but, Pirate Boy? My Carolina Panthers are going to destroy your Denver Broncos. GO PANTHERS!!

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