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January 26, 2016


Newquay air and sea search turns up inflatable doll

(Thanks to Loren Blinde)


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Paging Frank Zappa -- they found Ms. Pinky.

thar she blows !

Looks like the experience left her tired and deflated...
but medics said she just needs some air...

Wow! We almost lost one of the New York Dolls.

Yo Ho blow the man down.

I believe the correct British pronunciation of "quay" is "key," so the town's name of "Newquay" would be ...

She was probably on a boat and chose the more chaste response to "sex or swim".

I guess this is akin to those CPR practice machines that look lifelike. And I think some of these were racy. Shame on you all......I'm still laughing "Thar She Blows !..."

Elsewhere in the UK....

"Thar she blows," was great, but to use perfect English, in this case should we say, " Thar she blew?" Anyway, she's flat as a fritter and somewhere, a lonely man is sobbing.

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