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January 24, 2016


‘A worm fell into my mouth. I gagged’: my life as a badger

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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A 'prima facie' case for increasing mental health services.

(Prima Facie means something about masks, I think.)

I picture a forest full of snickering badgers, rolling on the ground, slapping their badger knees and pointing.

Foster revealed while visiting Syria last year He forgot his medications and suffered from excruciating periods of depression and loneliness. At one point, not wearing his badger mask which He also had forgotten, Foster dialed up the toll-free suicide hotline number in Damascus. The pain was overwhelming when the psychologist asked if He could drive a stick and He had to admit He could not.

Next week: My Life as a Wombat!

This guy is crazy enough to have caused Sigmund Freud to marinate his cigars in cocaine. Sadly, there seems to be no shortage of badger wannabes or future politicians.

You mean, this is NOT a Monty Python skit?

The man clearly needs serious help, but what ticks me off is that he got a book contract for this garbage...

The European badger is one of the largest; the American badger, the hog badger and the honey badger are generally a little smaller and lighter. The stink badgers are smaller still, and the ferret badgers are the smallest of all*.

"Dude, what kind of badger are you?"

[If he had been a real badger, he would have relished that worm, dug up some snails, and eaten some field mice or rabbits. and possibly, some haggis.*]

*According to Wikipedia

Badger, Badger, Badger....

Suburban legend.

Sorry, illegal post. Five yards, automatic first down.

Badgers? Badgers? We dont need no stinking badgers!


and somewhere in London, there's a badger in a club chair, harrumphing at The Manchester Guardian.

The words in the excerpt from ,Being A Beast, slithered off the page and crawled into my mouth and I gagged. This is the equivalent of Plan 9 From Outer Space in book form. Please let's get this chap on meds, lots of meds. Also, as an aside, his publisher, Profile Press was founded on April Fool's day, 1996.
Next post, please.

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.

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