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January 27, 2016


Man Who Wanted to Look Like a PLATYPUS Finally Got His Wish

(Thanks to Jeff Schneider)


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Which is why we are told ad infintum "Be careful what you wish for." Yet we have yet to listen.

Why no venomous spurs on his legs? And where will he find a female who can lay eggs?

wouldn't THIS have been a whole lot easier ?

I'm not clicking on that link, for fear there might be a photo.

I wish I hadn't clicked on that link. Can we fulfill that one?

The article says he does not currently have a girlfriend. I think he's going to have that problem for a long, long time. The link to the pic of the dog with his nose in a slipper was a refreshing blast of sanity after seeing those pictures.

After his 'upgrade' I'm betting he's not getting any 'beaver tail'.

hafta say -
he got that top lip drop-in cleaner perfectly aligned over the toilet bowl bottom lip

-oh, not going for a pottypus look ?


No self-respecting platypus would even want to look like a platypus.

I saw Self-Respecting Platypus open for Bob and the Barstools in '85. Disappointing show.

I'm trying, and failing, to come up with some employment this guy would qualify for. Even traveling carnivals have standards. And he would scare kids.

I've always heard that the platypus was proof that God has a sense of humor. Le Petomane, maybe he could work at he zoo.

That job didn't occur to me, might be his only choice of employment ( squirrel spreading briefly crossed my mind ). What species would he fit?

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