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January 29, 2016


But "Penis Panics" is fun to say.

(Thanks to funny man)


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"Another rumor circulated about a woman who was nabbed by airport security while trying to smuggle several penises into Europe inside a baguette."

If that's what they mean by organic food, then count me out.

"Penis-melting Zionist robot combs". Oy vey, schlong gone.

I saw them warming up for The Buzzcocks at CBGB's back in the 80's. Helluva show.

Mine has panicked before.

Remember when immediately after Bill Clinton explained what is 'is' He had his relatives hold his penis in relays until He got treatment.

meanie - pretty sure those were jared's 'footlongs'

Stop watching " The View ".

"Penis-melting Zionist Robot Combs" was their second album. I think Herniated Dick was their bass player.

But the disembodied penises didn’t just hang around. “They move themselves like living members and eat oats and corn, as has been seen by many,” Kramer wrote.

Now here is an epidemic that would strike terror in most men. Having to keep all that grain on hand would be a drag. Maybe they have a pill for that nowadays.

I remember reading in Social Studies class about the Great Penis Panic of 1875, in which there was a run on the sperm banks...

i read about that too k. jp morgan fixed all that with a wave of his *ahem* pen...

Is that where the raw material for Shrinky Dinks comes from?

Penis Panic was a male counterpart of Vagina Monologs. One heck of a show.

"When he tried to take the big one, the witch said: ‘You must not take that one, because it belonged to a parish priest.’”

Altered boy?

^ roamin' Catholic ?

Well, a true Catholic priest wouldn't have much use for it, would he?

No mention of The Sausage Fest of '77.

Harry - nun ?

Ligirl; the very thought of a hairy nun still frightens me. When I was very young I was in a Catholic hospital for appendicitis and all the nurses dressed like big scary penguins. Once a two-year-old boy has been given an enema by a big hairy penguin, the memory lingers. And lingers.

Opened for Butthole Surfers.

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