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January 26, 2016


Woman with no pants leads to driver's arrest

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Woman With No Pants opened for Men Without Hats in '87...

Driver's Arrest is a serious problem. Don't make jokes about it. Scientists are still working on a cure. Electro-shock therapy looks promising.

Hey, this is Florida, right? She wasn't naked, she wasn't driving. I don't see a problem here.

I find it extremely hard to believe because Florida never suspends FDLs.

Oh, wait, he was from Arkansas? OK, but next time get a no-tell motel.

Jeff, it was a possible assault.

So now you can't ride in a car unless you're wearing pants? We may as well just shred the Constitution.

As PJ noted in How To Drive Fast On Drugs While Getting Your Wing-Wang Squeezed And Not Spill Your Drink, pants less women attract the highway patrol.

It's a shame -- the pants had a valid Florida license.

So, his pants were on fire while hers weren't even on anything?

Woman With No Pants was my favorite song by the band America. " I've been through the desert on a woman with no pants on...la la, la la la...

Songfacts - I actually saw America perform this song in the 70's at an outdoor concert. There were quite a few women around with no pants on in attendance.

The (alleged) jerk was "driving with a suspended license for the 13th time".

So are they thinking, "14th time's a charm, or should I throw his a$$ in jail?"

as buffett says, 'if a cop follows you for 500 miles, youre going to get a ticket.'

One more time, people -- no pants is for the subway.

Honey, where are my pa-a-nts?

Speaking of cops and arrests...

RIP Abe Vigoda (02/24/1921 -- 01/26/2016). This time it's for real.

wanderer, can you bring some good news sometimes, too?

@MOTW: Good memories...

(Sgt. Fish is holding up his socks with rubber bands)
BARNEY MILLER: That'll cut off your circulation.
FISH: I have no circulation. (beat) Wherever my blood is -- that's it.

DRISCOLL: You know, you look exactly like Boris Karloff.
FISH: (beat) That's because we're both dead.

YEMANA: Wojo and Harris chased the guy down into the sewer.
FISH (about to go into the bathroom): I'd better wait. I may be obstructing justice.

Don Gordleone.

The leader of the Waponi tribe from "Joe vs. the Volcano" (My favorite movie)?

Best quote for today: "I'll be going now."

Good ones wanderer. I loved Barney Miller. They were all funny but Abe Vigoda was my favorite. RIP Detective Fish.

Did all of y'all see his Twitter feed? For several years Abe made one tweet a day every day saying the same thing:

"Still Alive"
"Still Alive"
"Still Alive"

On his last day it said:


Now THAT is some mother lovin' savoir faire, people.

So many great people are leaving us. R.I.P. Abe, you gave us some good times to remember you by.

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