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January 30, 2016


Here's Dylan Maxwell Barry, who calls me Bop Bop, critiquing one of my books.



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Dylan was great when He was with the A Bop bop bop bop Bopbar Ann
Bop bop bop bop Bopbar Ann, Beach Boys

That's about as cute as it gets.

Rumor has spread Dylan and Marco Rubio see the same pediatrician, who incidentally has proclaimed Marco fit to take on the responsibilities of smiling his way to the presidency while handing Hillary a severe beating.

Y'know, the boy makes sense.

I think 10 minutes after Bop Bop saw that Dylan had a new pony in his back yard.

Yes, you can judge a book by its cover.

That needs to a blurb on a reissued book cover!

^become a blurb^

bopbop rocks :) i dunno who's luckier - dylan or bopbop

You can't get more incisive criticism than that from the late William F. Buckley, Jr.

In 24 years, it looks like Dave is going to have a running-mate.

Vote Barry/Barry in 2040!

Of course, Dave will be approaching this age by that time, but hey, age doesn't matter, right?

And Dave just garnered another starred review from a critic.

Key hidden detail:

MIA Dave Blog now has a YouTube channel.

I think it took Dylan a bit to recognize Bop Bop in a jacket and tie. After that -- big kiss! Very nice.

He is so cute Dave. I bet you enjoy him immensely.

That's great! And he revealed "Dave's" real name. All these years, and we never knew!

Absolutely adorable!

Cuter than shit.

I thought he was trying to sing Barbara Ann.


A real heart melter, that little guy!

spuh-LOOOSH !!! I loved it when he gave your picture a kiss. Pure sweetness.

LOVE IT!!! Always so nice to see Dylan updates!! Having grandchildren is the best!
Ruth S.

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