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January 23, 2016


You don't want to know.

(Thanks to funny man)


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No I don't!

ow ow ow

Confiscate his staple gun, now!

Is it lefty-loosey or righty-tighty...be good to remember that. Also, torx head, Phillips head, etc.

"Is this how Dick got Herniated?"

'He's sane', the doctors said. 'Obviously, his screw is not loose'

Oh oh, somebody broke the blog...

A man can only "take in" so much....


Nailed it, fool.

He perhaps took the suggestion to go screw himself to literal extremes...

He's going to need another screw,
after all, he's got two nuts.

When they removed it, his ass fell off.

Some people call that foreplay, right?

there should be a list of stupid behaviors that warrant auto-sterilization...

I hope it was a wood screw. Otherwise, he'd need one of those plastic anchors.

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