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January 21, 2016


Crazy 'alien being' spotted cloud surfing from window of UK-bound plane

(Thanks to funny man)


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I want to see the pic of the guy sitting with two colleges on the plane.

"This eliminates all doubt. It is a being of some sort. One thing you learn in UFO research, nothing is impossible."

So true. I heard that they even make padded walls in certain exclusive residences.

All right. Who let Shatner on the plane ?

William Shatner already did this in a Twilight Zone episode.

I think it's Elvis.

PS: Isn't it reassuring to see the Express upholding the fine journalistic traditions pioneered by the Weekly World News and National Enquirer?

"the wrath of kayak".

Surfin' with the Alien? Been there, done that.

But does his shadow line up correctly with the sun? Just wondering ...

Looks like the plane bulls caught somebody and kicked them off.

Isn't that Edgar???

Roswell, New Mexico is well known throughout the galaxy for having some of the best alien cloud surfing available. This was likely just a cross-country cloud surfing alien having fun over Europe.

Mostly armless.

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