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January 20, 2016


Domino's apologise for "misguided marketing humour" after sex doll appears in Shoreham store

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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She was just advertising dessert.

Pizza Hut responded immediately by pulling their pot luck topping guaranteed to stimulate more than the taste buds large sized pies off the menu.

was she a deep dish ?

Beware the thick crust.

'hold the pepperoni'

Admit it, ligirl, you were behind this...so to speak.

I've eaten Domino's. I'd have kept the doll and ditched the pizza.

*slooooowly releases 'air' on jeff's pizza*

The pink "crude and disrespectful and unacceptable" thing at the counter was a sex doll? How come it is still employee of the month?

Was that Dominos or Domi-trix-O's?

Jan, the sex doll, really knows her meats....(a friend told me)...

Why can't the English learn how to spell?

The doll was retired ? She must be feeling a bit deflated.

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