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January 28, 2016


Here's how I got this T-shirt.

Rocky Shirt (1)


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Your name has FOUR letters
Blog has FOUR letters
Your research assistant's name has FOUR letters
2016 is FOUR numbers
You asked him to MOVE his bus and that has FOUR letters
The word 'math' is spelled with FOUR letters
There are FOUR smiley faces

My gosh! It's like he KNOWS YOU, Dave.

On Dave's new T-shirt, the printed logo appears to be Mr. De La Fuente's initials(?) inside a snowglobe, with his campaign web address on the base.

This changes everything.

did dave forget to mention that Rocky2016 is a CAT ?!

(altho it makes sense judging by the 'artwork' on that shirt)

I have this to say about what little I know about Rocky than Dave has told me, "look at that Face... would anyone vote for that?"

So far, he makes more sense than Trump.

Dave, I liked your campaign shirt better. I wore it out, in fact. I think it's time for a new one.

I might have to visit Iowa this weekend. Wait. I'm a stagehand at church, the sermon is on dealing with fears and there is something about "Jake the Snake" in the preliminary sheet.

Better to have one snake I know that a busload of presidential candidates.

Rocky may rack up a lot of parking tickets, but when he's president he can pardon himself. (He wouldn't be the only candidate banking on this.)

I too want to vote for the Police Officer. A consummate diplomat with a sense of purpose.

tell ya what that shirt looks a *helluva* lot better than whatEver carly's wearing tonight - YIKES!

Four? As in "four more beers, please"? Or was it "FORE" but he, as GWB would say, "Misspelled" himself...?

Oh, and we're gonna need more cat liter. And a scratching post.

Well... like the old folks say, " You learn something new every day. " Today, I'm not sure what it was.

"He is a loon with four buses in Iowa."

Unfair to loons. They support Bernie. Especially the Vermont loons.

Will Bullwinkle be his VP candidate?

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