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January 24, 2016


A yeti was spotted on Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights during Saturday's blizzard by an eagle-eyed Brooklyn resident.

(Thanks to Madeleine)


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Yeah, we got snow up to our @sses - or higher - depending on what neighborhood you live in. Officially in Central Park it was 26.8 inches, just .1 below the all-time record set in February 2006, and topping March of 1888, Christmas 1947, and February 2010.

Down here in southern Brooklyn I'd say it was considerably lower than that, but still incredibly annoying. Anyone want to come help dig my car out so we can get on the road to Florida on Wednesday?

And yet, still no reports of Chewbacca, Elvis, or Vladamir Putin shoveling US snow.....

LADIES and GENTLEMEN, the phone lines are now closed.
We have our WINNER!

BUT there is this...

C'mon. Everyone knows that Brooklyn is mythical.

This is simply abominable.

Not Yeti but Yentl.

Rudolph and friends were also spotted pulling a stalled MTA bus...

Suburban legend.

So many got that blizzard yesterday and I am happy to report that I never saw one snowflake yesterday.(ha)

Yeah, and that lizzard was no picnic either.

Theresa, if you're feeling deprived, many of us can ship you some for a small fee...We have 2 ten foot tall piles of it in front of our house.

I'm sending a St. Bernard to ya, Jeff.

Happy Irish Coffee Day, everyone!

Even rarer than the elusive Yeti is the amateur videographer who holds the phone in PROPER LANDSCAPE MODE.

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