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January 27, 2016


This 112-year-old woman smokes 30 cigarettes a day

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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I think the link about getting lashed for possession of alcohol might be not what is being sought.

I went to a college that banned both smoking and drinking, so I think the stories are related.

I owe my long life and continued good health to a life-long diet of raw meat and daily applications of alcohol inside and out.

- and apparently she drinks 'saudis' ?

The cigarette tar is all that's holding her together. I had a car like that in college. Had to drive it through fresh blacktop every week or it'd start losing parts.

Correction... " rich " 112 year old woman.

She really needs to stop. Cigarettes will stunt your growth. Clankie, here in N.C. a pack of cigarettes will cost you anywhere from $2.80- $4.97 per pack. I've heard they're much higher in other states. btw, I'm also getting a different story when I click on that link.

Better link

At that age you might as well drink smoke and eat whatever

In Mn they're about $8 a pack. We must grow better tobacco.

How many doctors has she outlived?

(Old joke: Man 1 - do you smoke after sex? Man 2 - I don't know, I never looked.)

Speaking of "smoking", has this woman been smoking something?

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