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January 22, 2016


The desperate actions of a man who poked a finger into the bum of an attacking dog may have saved Phillip McLean's leg.

(Thanks to Ross Marks, who asks: "Would this work with alligators?")


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When asked what gave the man the idea to poke a finger into the dog's bum to make him stop the man replied, "listening to the Beatles White Album, Chap."

"Four or five people jumped on it and that's when I got away."

The PETA idiots will spin this into a case of doggie abuse. Watch and see. Never mind that the dog was attacking and could have been fatal.

To clarify: I do not condone animal abuse. But sometimes human rights and life issues have to take precedence. PETA folks sometimes don't get that, IMHO.

Oh, come on. Haven't we ALL done that at one time or another?

Also the only way to get a customer service reps attention when you call Bombast.

and just What did the bum have to say about That ?

At least the helper didn't just stand around with his ... er, well, ....

Where's Marquis de Sade... hopefully he's not snowed in :)

He's checking to see if some of Lassie's friends ...

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