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January 29, 2016


A Swedish sled dog was able to win a gold medal in the national championships despite taking time to relieve itself seconds before crossing the finish line.

(Thanks to Jeff S. and Kevin S.)


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Sounds more like an elimination round.

was it mushy ?

Drake showed the same spirit when he finished his game of bowels before beating the Armada.

That's just rubbing his competitors' noses in it.

Agree with wanderer. The result should be voided.

What exactly are the matchsticks for?

Never post the finish line in a dog sled race near a fire hydrant.

At least it wasn't a raccoon dog.

I used to own that dog.

I, also, was wondering what and how the matchsticks are used. Maybe these details are best left unknown. As MTB aptly pointed out, it's only an elimination round.

i'm thinking 'the racers usually use matchsticks to encourage the dogs to defecate before the race' - cuz the dogs find it *hilarious* when they put their poop in little bags & light them on fire

. . . no, huh ?

Certainly LePetomane is no stranger to a matchstick at the backside, no? A little vent de feu?

Would definitely NOT want to see this in the Olympics...

There are some things Le Petomane doesn't do twice.

It definitely pays to be first in this race.

puppy crossed the line in more ways than one.

'eat my skid marks !'

don't eat the yellow snow
the dreaded yellow snow
from where the huskies go

If you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

Racehorses often take care of this by taking Lasik at race time. Or maybe that's the other problem. But this would result in a disqualification at the Westminster dog show.


This was supposed to be kept secret, but somebody leaked the story anyway

The dog was just showing everybody who's number one.

Am guessing that "upploppet" in the caption under the picture is exactly what I think it is...same in any language!

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