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January 25, 2016


Formal wear.

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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We interrupt currently scheduled blog programming to bring you this breaking news.

A client last name Sophat, who in no way should be ridiculed, is being contacted by the receptionist by phone as we speak.

We now return you to regularly scheduled programming already in progress.

Bond, James Bond.

One size fits all doesn't work for most men, just ask 'em.


not quite sure how these are worn,
i'm thinking they're Not 'rentals'

and *snork* @ dave's member

- COMMENT - dave's member Comment

James Bond??
Maybe it should be Richard Bond

I don't think my tailor will make alterations.

Shaken AND stirred

Faux tux? Foxy tux? F...

OK. Hands up who took the quiz.

Tuxedo Junction, anyone?

Where is the "Cumerbund"?

Do they have it in XXXL?

Is this a suit for wieners or a wiener suit?

For a certain percentage of wearers, it's also available in turtleneck.

Oh. My name above is linked to a URL for something unrelated. I hit "send" while trying to delete the one stored from last time. I will try to make amends by adding a new comment on the item of clothing.

Where do the cuff links go?

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