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January 21, 2016


The newest prime number is more than 22 million digits long

(Thanks to Steve K)


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Longer is not necessarily better.

"GIMPS allows folks all over the world to download software that searches for prime numbers using idle processing power."

For an idle moment I thought they were describing some of us...

Relax. I checked it, and it's correct.

s'up with the 'minus 1' ?

Then carry the 5....

ligirl - without the "minus 1" it would be divisible by 2, and therefore subprime.

ligirl: A prime number is a whole number that isn't the product of any two other whole numbers. 5 and 7 are primes.

This is one of a special class of primes called Mersenne primes: primes that are one less than a power of 2. 7 (2 to the 3rd power minus 1)is a Mersenne prime, but 5 isn't.

The new one is one less than 2 to the 74,207,281st power.


so subtracting it gives you your rockbottom remainder, (which WBAGNFA - oh, nevermind... ) so to speak.

oh, & c'mon Dave - get with it! Everyone knows it's called a hashtag!

Let's go back to pi. Apple or cherry please.

And yet the store clerk still has no clue how to make change when I hand over a five-dollar bill for a $3.37 purchase.

agreed, wanderer -
& i Love to throw in a dime and 2 pennies just to *really* mess them up!

Obvious math skills count for nothing when hiring or placing checkout clerks. Neither do (lack of) reading skills.

Went to a fast food place, ordered a sandwich. Had a coupon for 15% OFF. The clerk told me it will be $6.24,

I handed her $20.25, and figure my change should have been $14.01.

Instead I was handed back $13.79. She read the total
due incorrectly, despite the fact that the register
showed everything, including change due. I have no idea where she got the figure she announced, and I won't be going back.

"The newest prime number is more than 22 million digits long"
Meh, show it to me in Roman numerals

.... unless you get it through Amaz0n Prime, in which case, you have to convert to base 7, and then put the remainder in the gravy with the neckbones and compare point differential vs. divisional opponents. Season to taste, take another green pill (not the red one; NEVER the red one.....) and wait until a non-leap year before turning the heat to "annihilate".

World peace and harmony will follow in ten to twelve minutes, and last in aluminum foil in the freezer at least three months, longer if kept in a plastic container.

*loves Meanie some decaf*

.. if that doesn't work, I still have a dozen leftover syringes of sedative for him ..

This is the correct number of parsecs it takes to do the Kessel Run...

Thanks, MOTW. It's got to be decaf sedative, otherwise I'm up all day, and people get worried.

And please leave out the garlic.

This had to come from the same " scientific " source as algebra. And designed to be just as easily understandable. Trying to figure this out would have put Einstein on meds. I think I will pop over to the 6th. Prime Meridian bar and meditate on this over a nice frosty glass of wasp poop beer.

*worries meanie is waaaaay past his prime*

less is more, my friend

(- except in the case of this $&@#%* blizzard headed our way !)

Damn. How did they get my PIN number?

Haven't we all learned by now that the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is "42".

Are you sure his first name isn't Sheldon?

Damned right I am past my prime. In fact, I am completely irrational, and tend to divide by zero at will. Will always objects, of course, but that makes no difference.

Yes, Capisce, but what is the Question?

Our receptionist left a written note someone from Minnisoda wanted to be called back. When asked about the spelling she mentioned the calculator had a low battery and she became confused. Then she asked for a large raise which we granted immediately.

Capisce, I believe 42 is only valid in sane , prime, galaxies, but will check with the mice to make sure.
Arthur Dent will be by shortly, must run, cheerio.

I work with software and the software they must use to work with these numbers would be impressive. All computer languages limit the size of numbers and I gurentee you none of them go that big. So programmers would have to create special software to handle those huge numbers. I'll stick with my INT 4 or on special ocassions INT 8.

Poker: Don't knock Roman numerals. They designed hundreds of miles of aqueducts with those!

whats the floating point of this?

My head hurts.

He still needs a capital letter to use it as a password.

Haha Bob!

@Meanie the Blue - I assume there are times when you leave what others know as real and become complex?

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