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January 22, 2016


Crocodile found lounging in pool at Keys house

(Thanks to Ralph and Emily, Leslie and w)


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Lounge lizard, giganticus

Just chillin', dude.

Idiot, the party is in Orlando.

Chlorine is very bad for future shoes, belts and handbags.

Do you think they could lure him over to the grill?

Revoke his FDL immediately!

Explains why we haven't seen the pool boy recently.

Honey, we're going to need a bigger pool skimmer.

Wait... "removed to the ocean"....? I thought saltwater crocs were only in Asia and Australia?

Also, Saltwater Crocs WBAGNFARB

He really needs sunblock...

Send for Miss Bindi.(ha)

I'm assuming the concealment of drugs inside the vagina occurred before the imposition.

I think we need to organize a rescue mission for nursecindy and dig her out from under the snow. I hear that in North Carolina they had TWO INCHES of snow and the residents cannot leave their homes.

That much? Qaz, I'm in. If someone pays the airfare...

In Kansas we have learned that when media hype up a big storm, it's usually hot (or cold) air. (IE hype).

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