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January 22, 2016


World's most expensive Haggis on sale for $5,600

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Jon Harris)


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Serve with filet mignon Chilean sea bass caution.

I'll just have a MacCheeseburger, thanks.

"Good haggis making is an art" .. that's one way to look at it.

This is undoubtedly how the early Celtic tribes pictured making haggis.

Unless the law has been changed, the possession or consumption of haggis in the state of Texas is a hanging offense.

If you like Haggis, you might be on algae.

If you buy $5600 haggis, you definitely on algae. Or something.

I think this would be more appropriate as a Valentine's Day gift.

Haggis, the upchuck tastes as good at the first bite.

Sending haggis as a Valentine gift to my first ex-wife is a great idea. And she lives in Texas.

Kirk: " Mr. Scott. Perhaps you can explain that strange smell down in Engineering. "


Haggis. What a shaved and steamed tribble looks and smells like.

"Haggis is a delicious dish which can be enjoyed by the family all year round."

Let's ask the sheep...


I was raised on black pudding. What do you wanna know?

This is for people too lazy to hunt their own wild haggis.

I'll have the rest of the sheep, thanks.

There's a Chinese/Scottish restaurant in Scarborough that makes haggis tempura. It's really good, too!

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