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January 31, 2016


The Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association must pay disability compensation to a former employee, whose supervisor previously tormented staff with “pranks” that included defecating in lunches, attempting to defecate on coworkers in the field and setting off homemade bombs.

(Thanks to Gerald S.)


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somehow, the definition of " prank" became lost here.

In defense of the supervisor, if he was covered with hair, he might have been a chimpanzee.

Clearly something abnormal in this supervisor's water. And I don't mean lead.

This kind of thing is why Weird Al wrote his song "I Remember Larry". Won't take up blog space, but the lyrics can be googled.

I thought my lunch tasted like $rap today!
(But I strongly suspect that any food served by a place with a clown as their mascot can't be using real meat in their burgers anyway) Witness their mozzarella Sticks which made the news last week.

I'd suppose the taxpayers wouldn't mind paying for his jail cell instead.

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