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January 25, 2016


This woman ‘beat up her husband with nunchucks because he refused her sex’

She also "hurled ceramic figurines."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Allen at Division)


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'i've puked but never hurled ceramic figurines' WBAGNFA lady gaga song

" Was it good for you ? " would not seem to apply here.

Stay off her lawn.

I'm trying to decide which would be worse; dating this woman or watching Swiss Army Man in it's entirety.

Now he can truthfully say "Not tonight, dear -- I have a headache."

I think she needs some work on her "come-hither" approach.

In the USA she would sue the medication company - quote "was also said to have taken tranquilizer tablets over the course of the evening". I do not think she was that tranquil that night.

Sorry, it came to my attention that Charlotte, North Carolina is already in the USA!. Who knew?

The next time he tries to beg off (and beg might indeed be the operative word), she doesn't need to whack him. Just point to the bloodstains on the wall.

Meanie: " Run thither " would seem to be more appropriate.

Also, do not NOT mess with them.

He's lucky she took the tranquili[z]ers.

Meanie: Sometimes just "RUN" covers the situation best.

Nohin' says lovin
like givin a consusin.

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